Flash logo A knowledgeable Actionscript programmer intent on training you to program by instinct. True programers don't think about most problems, they simply know how to do it.

Why use my services?

  • Save years - I can get you on your feet in 2 weeks or under.
  • No replacement for a mentor - books and tutorials do help, but do not cut it compared to a tutor.
  • Self sufficiency - You will be able to program yourself, no catch.
  • Simply put, I can greatly speed up your learning time. The time it takes to become a master programmer by yourself is literally years. It took 7 for me. I did start at 13, but that probably means I had more free time then you have now.

    A desktop computer Invest in yourself and save the years it took me to get where I am currently. Then use the years you saved any way you please. And yes, I will teach you how to be self sufficient in your programming, a thing you would otherwise have to learn for yourself even on a university. That can not replace me, the same way a book can not. You will be trading time for money at an unfavorable rate.

    Check out the links on top for more details if interested.